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  • Can I perform my own water testing?
    Yes. We have many customers who test their pools in between pool service days. Some customers not only attempt to handle their own pool chemical evaluation and monitoring, but also maintenance. Although some pool owners can handle these task, achieving proper water chemistry in your pool can be tedious. Without professional help, you can risk having incorrect pH and chlorine levels in your pool. Running your pool unbalanced for too long can not only make swimming unpleasant or even unsafe, but also potentially damage your pool.
  • My pool has a strong chlorine smell. Is my chlorine level too high?
    This scenario may make you feel like you are putting too much chlorine in your pool. But this scenario happens when you don’t have enough “free chlorine” or productive chlorine in your pool. Most chlorine pools contain both productive chlorine and unproductive chlorine. The productive chlorine is called "free chlorine" and is the chemical which sanitizes and kills germs. Unproductive chlorine, is called “combined chlorine” and is a poor sanitizer and germs killer. Too much "combined chlorine" in your pool causes the strong chlorine odor. Although it produces this strong odor, the "combined chlorine" is stagnant and clumped up not releasing the necessary sanitation and germ killing properties that it should. When the combined chlorine level reaches 0.2 ppm or more, it is time to shock your water. Shocking your pool water will eliminate the odor and break apart the "combined chlorine" creating "free chlorine" once again.
  • How do I cancel my order?
    All canceled orders are subject to a 3% transaction fee as well as the below policies. All orders including freight items: Spas, Pool Filters, Pool Heaters, Pool Pumps, Pool Lights, and Replacement Filter Cartridges are subject to a $175 cancellation fee. This fee applies if your order has not yet been shipped. If your order has been pulled and assembled on the pallet, wrapped and awaiting for pickup from the freight company - it is considered shipped and the below policy applies. We may or may not be able to stop the pallet from actually leaving the warehouse. In the case that we can, you will not be responsible for the return shipping costs, but the 30% restocking fee does still apply. Please let us know immediately if you decide to cancel any order and do not consider it cancelled until you have spoken with someone at Crucian Pool and Spas. Cancellation after Shipping: Once an order has shipped from our warehouse, no cancellations are allowed. If delivery is refused, you will be responsible for all shipping costs plus a 30% restocking fee.

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